The roots of the Austrian US automobile scene lead back into the 70's of the past century. At this time first interest communities, the germ cells of the today's clubs and associations developed from individual Groups of friends of American automobile culture. While at this time already an alive automobile veterans and old timer scene existed, the US section flowered only in the hiding: The aftereffects of the oil shock 1973 as well as again and again gladly the connections of the US automobilists and collecting tanks to the red light environment, maintained by specialunaquainted, made neither the possession nor the use of such vehicles in the public salonable.

 The first considerable association-similar activities for the promotion of historically important US automobiles were taken up against 1975 in the area Vienna south/bathing (Lower Austria) recognizably, those, supported by the medials, very soon also in all other Lands of the Federal Republic. Today there are than twenty combinations, which concern themselves with the history of the American automobile and traffic in Austria more and which and care of American vehicles as association purpose define preservation. Beyond that also connections to the OEMVV (Austrian engine veteran federation and FIVA representative office) became, which controlling body of the domestic old timer nature production, which prove that succeeded to provide and secure for the American vehicle in the place in circles of all other historical automobiles.

 For it that US classical authors became absolutely salonable and desired, one finds the vouchers best with distance in two different way: the officially approbierte listing of as can be prove historical motor vehicles of the company EUROTAX contains its own range of US vehicles and further the fact that today most necessarily not US-oriented old timer fans hold themselves also gladly an old US Car, which brings due to its simple,  but however durable and extremely reliable technology into the grey nut runner everyday life.

The number of US Car clubs, increased strongly, as well as the circumstance that particularly these associations have very active activities, led ever more frequently to date collisions with the popular and gladly visited meetings. The open and strongly community-oriented attitude of mind of the US autofriends, like also the particularly strongly minted enthusiasm for hobby and surrounding field made possible it to unite in the year 2001 the greatest representatives of the US scene of Austria at a table and to bring the FORUM US CARS AUSTRIA into being. This forum is not to be understood as a controlling body with fixed administration structures, but is primarily the totalAustrian meetings to coordinate, to foreign interest agencies an overview of their Austrian counterpart offer and the data and information exchange of the clubs among themselves serve. The presidency and the execution of the forum change annually to another club, in order to promote and to the organizing club the possibility grant mutual becoming acquainted with in this way of presenting themselves and its special ideas and everyday problems better understandable to obtain of being able. In addition the forum is to contribute to develop common guidance ideas which support the uniform working of the US Car associations outward.  

The special exhibition "THE AMERICAN DREAM. The American automobile in the change of the time" to the oldtimer fair 2002 is a visible result of the past forum activity for the scene and should for interested one an information pool for the entire Austrian federal territory be.


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